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5000 winners! 20 September, 2007

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Well, no, there are not 5000 actual winners, but there are one winner and one runner up in the 5000 competition. Only 4 people entered which surprises me. Don’t you people like winning knitting prizes?


Tina M who told us about the cushions she made for the owners of a treasured pet.

Earlier this year a family friends dog (Zappa) passed away . He was their baby and a big part of our lives as well. He would come and visit us during the day if his parents were boring ; ) . He was special and we wanted to do something. So we knitted his picture onto 2 pillows. A positive and a negative version. It turned out well -even looks like him. But the weird thing was that we didn’t really know what we were doing with the photo or the knitting but it worked with about 10 cm of wool left. We figured it was meant to be.
PS We’ve posted a photo of it on our blog ( we’re new at that too) if you want to see it.

I thought this was a great story of a project that was meant to be. I’m pretty impressed with the knitting skills displayed here too. Also a lovely gesture for someone who has lost a good friend. Tina M wins the laceweight alpaca, the sheep tape measure and the Clover tapestry needles.


Amanda who told us about felted bag disaster.

My disaster story: I have only very recently discovered the delights of felting. My first two attempts were quite successful. I made two pairs of felted clogs in Bendigo Woollen Mills Aran. It took some effort to felt but I was pleased with the finished product. About a month ago I was at the BWM’s sale room and picked up some Rustica which I thought should felt well. I bought a number of balls in a cream colour and a number of balls called Ink – a lovely shiny black. I then set out to make a Eva Weichmann felted bag. I knitted the bag over two nights. The bag is knitted from the handles down. So I made the handles in the two colours. Then I knitted the upper half of the bag in the cream colour and then the bottom half in the ink colour. I really liked the look of the bag at this stage and couldn’t wait til morning when I would felt the bag in the washing maschine. Next morning, feeling ever so cheery I bunged the bag in the maschine with a flourish and started the process. Well, some time later I went to retrieve my trophy. The top half of the bag felted beautifully, the bottom half? It’s, a floppy, saggy mess! No amount of effort has changed this. I might just have to cut up the top half and turn it into coasters?

What a tragic story. The fact that only one half of the project was disasterous and the other half successful is especially tragic. Amanda wins 2 balls of grey, black and white Patonyle. Enough for a pair of socks and guaranteed not to felt!

Honourable mentions to Leonie who managed to felt only 1 bed sock and Sarah who accidently pulled out the whole lettuce from the garden when only wanting a leaf or two.


If you lurve to knit socks, I have some sock wool for sale. It is soft and squishy, 70% Australian merino and 30% nylon, hand dyed by me and ONLY $15 FOR 100g !! What a bargain. Click on the “Hand Dyed Yarn for Sale” button at the top of the page to see the full range. I’ve also got 4 little hanks of yarn that are only $2.50 with any other purchase. You’ll find them at the bottom of the all the other yarns.

Here’s something to whet your appetite…

Sock yarns

That’s it for this week. I know: no book review, no yarn review and no craft project. Sorry folks. To keep you entertained I’ll leave you with some photos of the knitting at the Adelaide Show.

Adelaide show

Adelaide show

Adelaide show


2 Responses to “5000 winners!”

  1. Yummy Mummy Says:

    Hi Sarie,
    I have found it hard to read the text on your blog today as the background is a similar colour to the letters!
    Sorry that you only had four people enter your competition.
    I am still waiting for Isabella to fit into the cardigan I crocheted when you were here last. She will be big enough very soon.
    Love, Katie

  2. Tina M Says:

    Thankyou , thankyou again. We just got our parcel ! Oh what to make with the laceweight ! Any suggestions : ) The sheep tape measure has been a hit. (Someone’s always giving its tail a pull) and the needles will come in handy tonight as there’s a jumper waiting to be sewn together. The new needles should encourage me to ‘get on with it’ .

    cheers Tina

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