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Fun with Dyeing 13 September, 2007

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Dyeing is fun, not to mention all the puns you can make the dyeing/dying thing (I dyed today. I’m dyeing. I’m going to dye next week. Dyeing is fun. Dyeing can change your life and so on and so on.) I always have fun playing with colours and yarn and I always wish I’d made more hanks so that I can keep going. I dyed lots of cotton yesterday (pictured below along with some wool) and you can buy it! Go to the Hand Dyed Yarns For Sale page and peruse the new additions. Next week I’ll be dyeing a large amount of mohair/wool/acrylic blend yarn and maybe some laceweight and I’ll add that to the list of available yarns too.

Dyed yarns

I dyed some t-shirts too. This was my first go at tie dyeing since I was a kid. I had a couple of t-shirts that used to be white and new and nice but after a few years of constant wear, were not looking their best any more. Perfect candidates for being spruced up with some dye.


Here is an easy way to tie dye t-shirts. This is how I did it anyway. You can do it in the kitchen without making a mess and hopefully all you’ll need to buy is a packet of Rit powdered dye. I bought mine at Lincraft but you can also buy it at the cheaper department stores. Each colour costs around $6 and it’s enough to dye several t-shirts should you want them all the same colour.

What you need: a cotton t-shirt, vinegar, a packet of Rit dye powder, water, string, a microwave, a medium sized bowl, a microwave safe container, scissors.
To mix dye for one t-shirt: into the bowl put 2 teaspoons of dye powder, 4 tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of very hot water. Mix to dissolve the dye. Add cold water so the bowl is about half full.

Tie up the t-shirt: gather up the t-shirt from the centre front and tie pieces of string around it as pictured below. Tie up other smaller sections too if you want.

Tie Dyeing

Immerse the t-shirt in the bowl of dye for a minute. Remove it from the dye and let the excess liquid drain away. Put the t-shirt into the microwave safe container. Microwave on medium-high for 2 minutes. Wait for 2 minutes and then microwave again on medium-high for another 2 minutes. Leave until it is cool enough to handle. Snip off the pieces of string. Rinse the t-shirt under running water until no more dye is coming out. Squeeze gently, spin dry if you want and hang to dry completely.

Easy huh?! Here are my results…

The two purply ones were my experiments and the pink one is the result using the above instructions.

Tie Dyed t-shirts

Don’t forget to enter my competition. You could win some knitting goodies. Have a look at the post of 6th September for the details and photos of the prizes.

Thanks for the congratulations on reaching 5000 visitors.

Have a good week. I’d love it if you’d all leave comments to let me know that you read my blog.



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