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All about knitting 6 September, 2007

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This week too much knitting is never enough! There will be a yarn review, a knitting book review, a competition to win knitting goodies, a list of Adelaide knitting groups and an expose of places to put your ball of wool while you’re out and about knitting.


Shortly, Make It Your Own blog will have its 5000th visitor. To celebrate I have two prizes to give away (pictured below). The first (valued at around $35) is a pack of goodies made up of an exquisite ball of laceweight alpaca, a pack of two Clover tapestry needles and a cute sheepy tape measure. The second (valued at around $16) is two balls of black, grey and white Patonyle sock yarn; enough for a pair of adult socks in my favourite sock yarn.

To go in the draw to win a prize: leave a comment telling us about something that you made/grew/cooked yourself that was a complete success or a total disaster. The two most amusing or amazing handmade/grown/cooked stories will win. I’ll choose the winner and I may or may not take bribes; try me and find out (ha ha). Leave your comment by the 20th September.

First prize

Second Prize



The Knittery Merino Mohair Lace 100g

The Knittery Merino Mohair Lace

Mmmmmm…900 metres of gorgeousness, enough to keep you knitting or crocheting for a very long time. You won’t want to stop either. All this for $25 plus about $3 postage within Australia (you can have it posted anywhere in the world). I ordered mine last week to do some crochet lace designing. It arrived very promptly and I’m loving it. It has a nice woolly feeling without being rough or scratchy and has a slight sheen. There is a very wide choice of colours available and all yarns are hand dyed, cheerfully even. It is smooth and doesn’t split and has a slight halo from the mohair. While the yarns are photographed and sold as hanks, you can ask to have yours wound into a ball. There is a link to The Knittery in the side bar. Excellent for shawls, especially when you want something a little more interesting than pure wool.

THIS WEEK’S BOOK REVIEW is Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush. Go to the book reviews page to read it.


Do you live in Adelaide and want to knit more? Here is a list of groups that I know of around Adelaide. If yours is missing please let me know.

SA Hand Knitter’s Guild (of which yours truly is now the secretary) meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 1pm in the Unley RSL, Arthur St Unley. Members have access to the library of knitting and crochet books. They have an exhibition bi-annually and a display at the Quilt and Craft Fair each year.

Adelaide Ktog has various groups meeting around Adelaide. There is a North Adelaide group on Wednesday evenings, a group at Mawson Lakes on Monday evenings, an Adelaide Hills group in Stirling on Thursday afternoons and a group that meets in the State Library on Sunday afternoons. For more info go to

Mostly Books at the Mitcham shopping centre has a group that meets on the last Tuesday of each month from 2-4pm.

If you don’t see a group that suits you why not start your own. If you get in contact with the Ktog group you can have it as part of that group in a location that suits you. I bet that wherever and whenever you choose to hold a group people will come.


When you are knitting on the move or outdoors you need somewhere to put the ball. I’ve been exploring a few options…

In the pocket of your cargo pants. Excellent for knitting while walking. I wouldn’t recommend it for jogging.


In the drink holder of your camp chair. This is particularly good for garden/camping/sport spectating knitting


In your handbag. Good for shopping and public transport knitting. The downfall of this method is that your yarn may get caught on i-pod cord, nail file, box of tictacs, the other yarn in there etc etc


In a tissue box. Best for tv knitting and for balls that are not centre-pull balls.


I have heard of someone who knits with the cat on their lap. The cat holds on to the yarn and provides a warm and friendly tension device. My cat does not provide this service. He does provide a good yarn cutting service and yarn taste testing service but at very inconvenient times.

It’s still kinda warm for August. The Adelaide Show is on next week. Ever since I can remember there have always been a few warm and sunny days for the show and a few wet miserable ones. This year looks like it will be the same. I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon and evening and it seems that that is when the wet weather will be coming. Sigh. Maybe by Thursday when I’ll be there again, it will be sunny. We live quite close to the showground and the rides have been constructed in the last few days. They are lit up like Christmas trees. When you drive past during the show you can see people being flung into the air and squealing (not my cup of tea). I’ve got free tickets this year. Yippee. I’ll be helping at the Spinners and Weavers Guild stand in the Old Ram Shed.

Keep knitting. Or as David Reidy of Sticks and String says, Carpe Lanam (Seize the Wool).


3 Responses to “All about knitting”

  1. Leonie Says:

    Firstly-thanks for the yarn in the tissue box idea!! I’ve done several of the others (especially that handy “cup” holder on the folding chair). My story is of my daughters bedsocks. I dyed some cream Kmart yarn (10ply) with food dye and decided that the bright, colourful yarn would be ideal for a pair of bedsocks for my 8yo daughter. They turned out very well and were much loved. However, one of the pair ended up in the wash with her sheets, and felted. Felted quite well. So well that it would not fit on her foot. I have since felted the other one, and then the first one again, so that they are both the same size. I think, unfortunately, that they will now no longer fit any human’s foot. Perhaps one of her toys might like them?? I am knitting her a new pair of bedsocks (even though they won’t be needed until next winter)- this time I am going for machine washable yarn.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hello! Here is my story: a couple of years ago, my husband and I grew our first vegie garden. Every single morning I would go out and see how my little seedlings were doing. Anyway, it finally got to the day that I could start to pick some leaves from my lettuce. For two days I picked just the outer leaves, carefully leaving the rest in the ground so we had fresh lettuce everyday. Until… one day I pulled a little too hard, and pulled my entire lettuce out of the ground! I was so dissapointed I almost cried. And then I think my toddlers almost cried when we had lettuce with every meal for three days because I didn’t want to waste my lovely homegrown lettuce.

  3. Tina M Says:

    I recently added your blog to my favourites list and have just read your post on the ktog group. (hello again) I wanted to share a project that my daughter and I did . Earlier this year a family friends dog (Zappa) passed away . He was their baby and a big part of our lives as well. He would come and visit us during the day if his parents were boring ; ) . He was special and we wanted to do something. So we knitted his picture onto 2 pillows. A positive and a negative version. It turned out well -even looks like him. But the weird thing was that we didn’t really know what we were doing with the photo or the knitting but it worked with about 10 cm of wool left. We figured it was meant to be.
    PS We’ve posted a photo of it on our blog ( we’re new at that too) if you want to see it.

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