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Yarn Giveaway 11 June, 2007

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Hey everybody

In a few days time, I will have been visited at my blog 1000 times. To celebrate I’m giving away this beautiful hank of undyed, 5 ply equivalent (sportweight), 140g, Australian grown and spun, English Leicester wool, so that someone can have some fun doing a little dyeing.

giveaway yarn

Post a comment over the next week(last day 18/6/07), telling me what you like to make or create and why, and at the end of the week I’ll randomly draw from the list of people who commented. When the winner has been decided, I’ll post who it is and then we’ll work out the best way to get the yarn to you. Sorry immediate family, I think you had better be ineligible.

Coming up in a day or two: making a tea cosy from the old jumpers you felted.


9 Responses to “Yarn Giveaway”

  1. Annette Says:

    I’ve been looking for some new blogs to read and inspire me. Whilst doing some blog hopping, I found your your blog and it think it’s terrific. I’ve now saved it to my favourites.

  2. makeityourown Says:

    Why thankyou Annette. I love inspiring people.

  3. Emma Someone Says:

    I love creating something that is beautiful and as an extra bonus, also is useful. Tea cozies for example – nothing quite cheers me up like my yellow tea cozy with teal trim, but it also serves such a great purpose! While my biology subjects teach that form follows function (ack exam on Saturday!) I believe with knitting, function follows form. Certainly with dyeing, I’ll dye some yarn and then decide what it wants to have done with it!

  4. Catherine Says:

    An inspirational blog. I’ve been a knitter for over 50 years, but have just discovered the joy of sock knitting and colouring wool with food dye. I’ve just finished my fifth pair. Perhaps I’ll finish a couple of other projects I have on needles. Or perhaps not. Another pair of socks is calling, “Knit me first.”

  5. Leonie Says:

    I like to make lots of things……..the thing I like about knitting is that you can make practical things-both big and small (dishcloths, socks, blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, jumpers, cardigans, shawls). I also do embroidery, but usually I stitch pictures. I also love the historical link with knitting-I can imagine my ancestors knitting (they are probably less likely to be doing much embroidery considering their background).

  6. Nicole Says:

    I make different things for different reasons, although I do like most of the things I make to have some practical purpose so I guess that’s a common theme. I knit to relax and to make useful and beautiful things – I live in Canada, where warm winter clothes are necessary. I do paper crafts in order to make things people will appreciate out of bits and pieces that might otherwise be thrown away. I cook because I love to experiment with food and make tasty (and sometimes not-so-tasty, but everyone has setbacks) things.

  7. coreena Says:

    Have just stumbled upon your beaut site from the Yarn mag and couldn’t help but leave a note. I am new to the knitting game – 2 completed beanies so far – so many, many more things to try…….

  8. makeityourown Says:

    Dear Coreena
    Welcome to the wide world of knitting. It’s a wonderful place. Best wishes for your up coming projects. S.

  9. Vellan Says:

    I make a variety of things (I stencil, write, knit – and today I’ve taken up spinning) and I’m never happy with any of them. I keep making things because I know that I improve and I figure that I can get it right next time.

    My favourite project is always the next one. The next one is always perfect.

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