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Hand Knitters’ Guild of SA 22 May, 2007

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Hi again,

Here is some info about the Hand Knitters’ Guild of SA. The guild meets on the first and third Saturdays of each month (except Dec and Jan) at 1-4pm at the Unley RSL on Arthur St, Unley. The first Saturday is a meeting for about an hour and then maybe a workshop or a guest speaker and then sitting around knitting and chatting. The third Saturday is a Knit and Natter. Each meeting costs $3 if you are a member and $4 if not and includes tea, coffee and biscuits. With your yearly membership of $25 ( I think) you get access to the small library, voting rights, newsletters and a 10% discount at the four Adelaide yarn stores. The Guild holds an exhibition every second year and usually has a display at the Quilt and Craft Fair in November. A lot of the members knit for charity and piles of knitted items get donated to the charity coordinator to distribute.

If you compare the SA Guild with other guilds around the nation and the world, the SA guild is more of a club or a social group of knitters. Someone will teach you to knit if you ask but there is no planned tuition course. There are some lovely people to talk to, some hidden talent, and a few creative souls amongst the pattern followers (I’m not knocking pattern followers, there is nothing wrong with that kind of knitting) but don’t expect a forward thinking, edgy, artistic group that will push your creative talent to new heights.

The fact that there is no website is kind of indicative of the kind of group this is. Add to that the fact that it was only last year that the newsletter started being produced on a computer instead of a typewriter and photocopier and you can see why some of us media savvy, hip, young (and not so young!) knitters get a little frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong and please don’t not join because the club (with all that boring constitution stuff) is a little last century. Getting together with other knitters is part of what makes knitting and crochet such great hobbies. Just don’t expect to find what you’d find in other guilds.

Hope that is helpful. Sarah.


One Response to “Hand Knitters’ Guild of SA”

  1. Vellan Says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the info. Unley isn’t far from me (Belair) so I’ll probably try and make it around the 16th of June. It sounds like it’s worth a visit.

    Cheers, V.

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