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Projects 15/5 15 May, 2007

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Hi There. This week I’m going to show off a couple of projects as well as do the usual yarn review and book review. Not much gardening happening this week. Just a little harvesting and I sprayed my little snow pea plants with some bi-carb spray to ward off mildew. If you’re in temperate Australia now is a good time to plant the winter vegies such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, snowpeas, leeks, onions and carrots. You’ll probably be able to grow some potatoes but only if you don’t get frost.

Did I manage to whip something up for my mother? Yes I did. I made a tea cosy which she rather liked. When I popped in to visit this morning they were just finishing breakfast and the teapot was dressed in it’s new outfit. It’s very gratifying when one’s gifts are appreciated and being used straight away. There is a photo and the pattern in the Free Patterns page so you can make one too. It’s pretty, one-size-fits-most and will use up some scraps of yarn.


I have just finished knitting “Ellen’s Stockings” from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush. They were fun to knit and I am wearing them as I type. Very comfortable. I changed the heel and the turning to fit me better because I have a large instep and prefer a rounded turning to the square kind she uses. In the photo you can also see some wool I hand spun from a packet of mixed roving.

Coming up next is a pair of socks in 20 different sock yarns. The Hand Knitters Guild of SA are having their 20th birthday soon and are having a competition to celebrate. The idea is to create something with a theme of “20”. My socks will include 20 socks yarns and have lots of “20’s” in the numbers of stitches. I’ll definitely post a picture when they are done. I only had 18 different sock yarns in my cupboard so I needed to go and buy more of course ; )

socks and yarn


Design It Yourself, Edited by Ellen Lupton. A fantastic, wonderful and amazingly useful resource. Go to the Book Reviews page to read the review.



Hand Painted 4 ply 100% Pure Fine Merino from The Knittery (100g, 450 metres)

I have just finished crocheting a large project for the next issue of Yarn Magazine in this yarn and I can truly say that it is divine. It is fine, smooth, light and very soft but still strong. (Does that sound like a toilet paper ad: Soft Yet Strong?). At 100g a skein, there is plenty to make a beautiful pair of socks and for a hand dyed yarn it is an excellent price: $20 a skein. Since it has no nylon in it, perhaps it is better suited to luxury socks (rather than ones you will regularly wear and then throw in the wash) and knitted at a firm tension. The colourways (all hand dyed to order) are gorgeous, from bright spring colours to muted pastels and deep tones. The colour “chocolate” really does look like chocolate! If you feel like a bit of cashmere in your socks, The Knittery also has all the same colours available in a wool/nylon/cashmere blend. Beautiful, beautiful yarn, the kind you want to rub against your cheek and squeeze in your hands. Click on the link in the side bar to see the full range and order on-line.

That’s it for this week’s news and reviews. Wherever you are, I hope it’s raining. (But not on Saturday, we’re going to a wedding.) Sarah.


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