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Autumn 11 May, 2007

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Autumn is beautiful in Adelaide and Adelaide is beautiful in Autumn. The harshness is gone from the sun and it slants through the trees in a golden way, making the shadows long, even in the middle of the day. There is sweet dew on the ground each morning on the grass, which has become lush and green after being dry and crisp all summer. If you drive up into the hills the deciduous trees are gradually warming in colour and a frost will bring out their true Autumn hues. Many people have written poems about Autumn but they are usually from the Northern Hemisphere. In Australia it is a little different in that everything becomes green as the weather cools instead of the green growth of Spring after heavy frost and snow. Autumn days in Adelaide are mild and golden, the best for enjoying the great outdoors, or just sitting on a cane chair in the garden with a bit of knitting.


Here is a little harvest picked from the garden just a few minutes ago with eggs collected this morning and yesterday morning. This will be the basis of our dinner: omelette filled with young silverbeet, mint, basil and parsely and some beans and carrot on the side. All I’ll add is some cheese and a splash of milk in the omelette, a little oil and salt and pepper. It will be very fresh, very tasty and half the fun was wandering around the garden in the golden afternoon sun and picking everything. Ahhh, what a life.

Pick your own dinner

Autumn veg garden


A friend, Hoi, has asked me to apply my talents to his jumper. The ribbing is coming undone at the edges and it is too short, both in the body and the arms. Here is what I plan to do: snip a thread just above the ribbing, unravel that row and let the ribbing fall off; pick up the revealed stitches and knit a little pattern or a stripe in some complementary yarn for a few centimetres; work a new section of ribbing; cast off; give it back to Hoi and hope he approves of my colour choices. I bought the wool today. The lady in the yarn store (the Needle Nook) found a murky green colour for me. There is no green in the jumper (it is grey, grey-blue and cream) but the green looks great so I am going to add that in with some grey and cream.

Hoi’s jumper


I have decided to whip up a little something for my Mum to give her on Sunday. That gives me tonight, tomorrow morning and Sunday morning to do it as we have other things to do on Sat afternoon/evening. Can I do it? We’ll see. I’d better shut up and go start.

To everyone who wants kids but can’t, has lost their Mum or kids, don’t get along with their Mum or kids or is far away from their Mum or kids…I hope you survive Mothers’ Day; it’s not always a happy day.

To everyone else…have a nice day on Sunday. A special hello to Mum (mother), Mum (mother-in-law), Kath (step-mother) and Celia (aunt who I lived with who almost considers me one of her children).


2 Responses to “Autumn”

  1. Hungry Hubby Says:

    Mmmm omelette and it tasted good too :-0

  2. wendy Says:

    I’ve just found your blog – it’s great and I’ll be tuning in again soon! Your comments about growing vegies have me feeling a little guilty, as my vegie patch lies fallow. Perhaps I’ll manage to make myself busy in the garden now?
    Or perhaps I’ll just knit another row or two …

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